Data Driven Enterprises is a consulting company specializing in program evaluation and statistical analysis. Our services include the following:
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Instrument development and validation

We develop and evaluate attitudinal surveys, skills assessments, multiple-choice tests, norm-based assessments, performance-based assessments, interviews, assessment centers, observational tools, and focus groups. We conduct reliability and validity studies of these instruments.


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Program Evaluation

We develop and implement research studies to determine effectiveness of programs and services.


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Data Collection and Analysis

We collect, analyze, and interpret assessment, survey, focus group, and student records data.


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Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance on data-driven decisions including how to conduct program evaluations, how to interpret and use statistics, how to develop surveys, how to use assessment data, how to measure growth in student achievement, and how to establish a data collection system.

  • Example Workshop Document (first 6 pages only). [View file]


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Database Design and Reporting

We design and develop applications for tracking, analyzing, and reporting on: program participants, client contact information and demographics, student test scores, survey responses, participant behaviors, and other information. We use a variety of tools and software for these applications including Access and Crystal Reports.


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Targeted Assistance to States

We help states write and develop measurement tools for meeting Special Education reporting requirements such as State Performance Plans for Part B and Part C. This includes helping states develop and implement a focused monitoring system for federal requirements. We help states write grants for Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) funds.

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