Sample projects include:

  • Instrument Development and Validation
    • Assisting in the development of performance-based reading, writing, speaking , listening, and mathematics tests.
    • Assisting in the development of a state's Alternate Assessment; analyzing and reporting on the assessment results; developing training materials for the assessment; calculating reliability and validity statistics on the assessment.


  • Program Evaluation
    • Serving as external evaluator on several federally-funded projects, e.g., TANF preschools, State Improvement Grants, Early Reading First. Includes planning for and implementing data collection efforts (e.g., surveys, workshop evaluations, program evaluations, monitoring) in order to assess the impact of the funded activities on teachers' and students' behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes.
    • Serving as a program evaluator for an organization that serves families with children with emotional, behavioral, and mental disabilities.


  • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Examining the extent to which a district's Curriculum Frameworks align with the Stanford Achievement Tests.
    • Assessing the relationship of state test scores to student and teacher characteristics and to per pupil spending variables.
    • Creating profiles of school districts based on student, teacher, and financial data.
    • Designing and analyzing parent, staff, and student satisfaction surveys.
    • Developing and analyzing student and staff surveys on diversity issues.
    • Coordinating and analyzing faculty phone interviews on administrator performance.
    • Analyzing, reporting out, developing user-friendly materials, and creating and delivering workshops on the Colorado State Assessment Program results.
    • Conducting focus groups or teachers and paraeducators.
    • Calculating school, district, and state Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) statistics.


  • Technical Assistance
    • Providing training to school teachers and administrators on how to use data to improve student achievement.


  • Database Design and Reporting
    • Developing an Access data collection and reporting application for scoring and reporting out on students' standardized test scores.
    • Developing an Access collection and reporting application for a preschool classroom monitoring tool.
    • Developing an Access database tracking and reporting system for a nonprofit organization serving families with children with disabilities.
    • Developing a Crystal Reports application for producing reports of school-level data.


  • Targeted Assistance to States in the Area of Special Education
    • Assisting states with developing, analyzing, and reporting on Part B parent surveys.
    • Assisting states with collecting child outcomes data for their Part C State Performance Plan.